David Austin's Rose Growing Online Course

David Austin's Rose Growing Online Course
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The rose is exceptional in the plant world. Not only is it an extremely valuable garden plant that can be grown in most climates around the world. There is no other plant that has such a symbolic and close cultural association with us.

Hello my name is Michael Marriott, welcome to your how to grow roses course. Wherever you are in the world, I can help you plan and nurture a beautiful rose garden. I will help you choose the right rose for your situation, and advise on everything from pruning roses, to fragrance and color combinations.

This rose growing course looks at the world of roses, the many ways they can be used in the garden and how to look after them. In the last lecture we will investigate their very varied fragrances, how to breed new varieties of roses and commercial production methods. You will be taught by the very best at David Austin Roses, and we will cover which type of roses to grow for your situation and climate, and many recommendations on the best varieties of rose to plant for colour, climbers or fragrance.

Roses vary in size from tiny little plants a few centimetres tall to huge ramblers growing tens of metres into trees. Their flowers can be just a few millimetres across or 20cm or more and the number of petals range from five (occasionally four) to 200. There is no other plant with such a wide range of completely different fragrances and few with such a geographical range. In the wild you can find them in all parts of the northern hemisphere and in every climate except the truly tropical. In the garden too, whether you live in the cold climates of Hokkaido or Canada, the heat of Florida or India or simply in Hampshire – there is a garden rose that will suit your climate.



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